At YanHuang Healthcare, we recognise the important place that massage can have in the maintenance of good health, and the promotion of a feeling of well-being, so we offer several different types of massage therapy, according to the needs of the individual client. We provide the best massage available in southsea.


Relaxing massage

This very relaxing massage is based upon the so-called Swedish Massage technique, and can be either a full or a part body massage. It is an excellent way of treating body tension and reducing stress. The techniques used are rhythmical, with five basic strokes, in manipulating the soft tissues of the body, particularly the muscles.

The effects of the massage can promote suppleness, and the relief of fatigue in tight, sore muscles. For sufferers of arthritis, it can provide relief for stiff joints. The massage also encourages deeper breathing, which helps with relaxation. This massage can also have a generally invigorating effect on the mind and body, and promote a sense of well-being.

Further benefits of the massage include the breaking down of waste products in the muscles, and improving the cleansing role of the lymphatic system. It also encourages better circulation, resulting in a more efficient delivery of nutrients to cells in the body. If you have never experienced a massage before, this relaxing therapy is a very good place to begin.

Facial Beauty Massage

A Facial Beauty Massage is a safe and enjoyable therapy, and a relatively inexpensive alternative to cosmetic surgery. Although more likely to appeal to women, it is also available to any men interested in a natural means of rejuvenating the face. Best results are obtained from a course of treatments, but a single massage will usually be found to be a very relaxing and pleasurable treatment.

Techniques employed during the treatment are massage and acupressure, combined with face masks and herbal creams. Facial muscles, like any others, can become tense when we are stressed. The treatment stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the skin’s firmness.

The benefits of the treatment may include an improvement in skin condition, reduction of wrinkles, the softening of lines, and a toning and tightening of the skin. The treatment is likely to lift your mood, and leave you relaxed, with a sense of well-being.