chineset-healing-coppedReflexology is an ancient practice that is common is many healing systems around the world, including ancient India, China and Egypt. It is believed that every organ and system in the body has a corresponding point on the hand, foot and ear and massage can stimulate energy flow, and therefore circulation as blood follows Qi. These parts of the body have the most abundant concentration of nerve endings in the body as well as the major energy meridians.

Reflexology is effectively used to relieve stress, reduce pain and open blocked energy channels. It works well as an aid to weight loss, as it promotes healthy digestion. Just about any illness can benefit from reflexology as it stimulates the natural healing ability of the body.

The reflexology massage involves kneading and stretching each foot slowly and methodically to work out any tension or tender spots.

Extra time is taken on sore or tense areas to break them down and allow the energy to flow freely once again.

Some people find they are particularly emotional after a session, this is a natural processing of the energy as it begins to flow again. As with all massage you should drink plenty of water afterwards and take it easy. There should be improvement after each session, it may be that headaches or pain, begin to clear rapidly. Depending on the state and extent of the blockages in your body a more internal approach may be required, using herbal preparations and acupuncture. Reflexology does compliment all the other therapies very well and is best used in combination and regularly to maintain good health.