Due to the wonderful pulling power and heat that the cups offer it is dramatic in its reduction of pain and hence our feeling of well being. Stagnation can be a result of injury, stress, a lack of blood, Qi or even an invasion of cold in the body & joints. What ever the cause Cupping can be applied to specific points as used in acupuncture, or with the application of massage oil to the area of dysfunction and after a very short time the patient will start to feel warmth and a reduction of pain.

Its use in beauty therapy is based around promoting hormone production, encouraging blood and body fluid movement in the bowels and internal organs thus removing harmful toxins that speed up the aging process and cause other conditions.

Oriental Medicine teaches us that Kidney weakness speeds up the aging process leading to dry, damaged hair, early greying or loss of hair. This drying out or imbalance in ladies also shows itself in the early signs of the menopause with hot flushes, night sweats and dry skin.

The benefits of Cupping therapy are endless. Due to its stimulating & strengthening effects cupping has been used successfully to treat all of the following:

Bowel conditions (IBS, Constipation & Diarrhoea) Headaches, Back pain, Arthritis, Period pain, Injuries, Asthma, Cellulite, Fatigue (ME), Anaemia, Depression & Emotional problems, Atrophy, Sciatica, Common cold & Flu, Skin problems, Blood pressure, Ladies problems, Weight loss and more.

Cupping is applied to the body by introducing a naked flame to the cup to create a vacuum, which is then applied to the skin and draws a little up to seal itself. The amount of pressure applied varies with the size of the flame. Usually in the West we use much less pressure than the Chinese would.

The therapist can then decide how to use the cups depending on the client and the presenting condition. For example if it is a child with Asthma, we would use flash cupping techniques (which is usually enjoyable) the cups are applied and pulled off in quick succession creating a popping sound not unlike popcorn.

For more chronic cases say of frozen shoulder or joint pain we would use a longer application with a stronger pull.