Relaxing Massage (chair massage)(5 mins)£5(15 mins)£15
Reflexology(30 mins)
(45 mins)
(60 mins)£55
Foot Massage and herbal footbath(30 mins)
(45 mins)
(60 mins)£55
Full Body Massage (gentle massage)(30 mins)£30(60 mins)£60
Therapeutic Massage(30 mins)£36(60 mins)£65
Deep Tissue Massage(30 mins)£36(60 mins)£65
Sports Massage(30 mins)£35(60 mins)£60
Tunia Manipulative Massage (30 mins)£35(60 mins)£65
Gua Sha(30 mins)£30(60 mins)£60
Hot Stone(30 mins)£30(60 mins)£55
Acupuncture(30-45 mins)£35
Acupuncture + Cupping or TDP(30-45 mins)£40
Ear Acupuncture£15
Cupping Therapy(15 mins)£15(30 mins)£35
Ear Candling (include ear candles)£25
Cosmetic Acupuncture (including facial massage) (60 mins)£65
Acupuncture and Massage (including Cupping + TDP)(45 mins)£50(60 mins)£65
Dried Herbs£8
Herb Powders £8
Herbal Productsask in store
*Discounts available for courses of (or combined) treatments.